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Plant and Garden Weeding And Spraying Services, Perth

When it comes to weeding or spraying you need to ensure that you pick someone qualified. This ensures that the person knows what they are doing, will not cross contaminate or over spray preventing damage to your plants, grass, waterways or ground.

We are PA1 and PA6 spraying qualified and we are happy to answer any questions or concerns which you may have.


Weeding Services

When weeding you need to pick the right process for the environment you are dealing with, for example when dealing with weeds in grass we would recommend the use of selective weedkillers whereas hard surfaces such as patios are often better treated with herbicides.

However for boarders we would always recommend hand weeding and spraying. In some cases such as shrub or tree routes the most efficient and effective option is to drill into the root and inject with a chemical.


To Spray or Not To Spray

What many people forget is that weeds are plants, they are simply plants in the wrong area. There are a wide range of chemicals on the market to deal with weeds however if you prefer a more natural approach we can also use a salt solution if this is something you would prefer.


Typically we would use Roundup in the garden for dealing with weeds as once it is dry it is completely safe for children and animals.