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Turf and Artificial Turf

Wether you have just moved into a new build or are completely revamping you garden sometimes turf is the easiest option to instantly transform your garden. We would typically recommend sourcing your turf from a reputable supplier like Turffit who lift and delivery your turf within 24 hours preventing it from drying out and reducing the risk of the turf not establishing properly. 

We will help to prepare the soil for turfing including laying down a granular fertiliser to help your turf to establish quicker.

Pick for Its Purpose

What many people don’t realise is that there are varying grades of turf which you can buy. With this in mind we would always recommend that you select the type of turf best suited for its intended usage.

For example, domestic turf contains dwarf perennial ryegrass making it hardwearing and great for a garden with children while in contrast fine turf contains grasses such as bents and fescues which are better for low wear or showpiece landscaping.


What About Artificial Turf?

We do lay artificial turf and we are happy to help in any way we can with any questions you may have about it.